10 Best Film Production Companies

A film production company is responsible for fundraising for the film or may accomplish this through a partner, private investor, or parent company (such as Marvel Studios does with Disney). A production company also handles budgeting, scheduling, scripting, hiring of the cast and crew, managing the film production itself, post-production and often, distribution and marketing.

An independent film production company is responsible for finding a script, financing and/or investable talent (Actors, Directors, and Writers, usually in that order.) Ideally you start with at least one, if not all three.

A company can have some or all of the following personnel that work with the owners / producers:

Head of Development / Development Exec- Will assist in the search for material and in honing material that the company has optioned. This honing can start with source material and end with a script, or it can be tweaking an existing screenplay. The goal is to create material that will attract whatever of the 3 key components above the film needs to get off the ground.

Script Readers - Pretty much what it sounds like. Agent submissions or scripts the Development Exec has sourced that will need to be read and coverage written. They are usually new to the business and double as assistants / gophers.

Head of Production - Usually an experienced hands on producer (i.e. Line Producer) who oversees the making of the film once it's been greenlit and pre-production has begun. Not all companies actually produce the film but will team with others that will/have. (The bulk of production is done by freelance employees-not company employees-either way.)

Head of Marketing - Pretty much what it sounds like.

Head of Distribution - Finds outlets for the film. Some companies have started off as overseas distributors and will have the connections to not only get the film in theaters but pre-sell the rights to raise financing.

Executive / Producers - This group can go by several titles but the crux is raising funding. This position will be more important if the company was founded by talent.

Depending on the size of the company, they will have other support staff like any small business such as a controller / CFO, assistants, HR / Payroll Admin, etc that are focused on the greater business as opposed to individual productions.

The vast majority of film production companies are surprisingly small, with a main producer or two and a few support staff. Only when they go into production do they hire hundreds to thousands to create a film.

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