2 Best Shipping Companies in Andheri West

Shipping Companies in Andheri West

Shipping Companies are organizations, that businesses rely on to take care of the various logistical aspects of transporting cargo or freight. Their name is derived from the fact that these shipping companies in Andheri West are present to handle cargo when the ships dock ashore at ports and harbors. Depending on the type of cargo a ship carries in the shipping container, it is known as dry cargo, general cargo, liquid cargo, reefer, ro-ro, liquid bulk and dry bulk. Freight agent or freight forwarder is a term sometimes used interchangeably with shipping companies. They pay a great deal of attention to their responsibilities, including arranging the supply, transport and handling of goods. Just like sending air cargo via an aircraft needs clearances from the relevant authorities, a cargo ship needs permissions from the port authorities. A shipping companies fee is what these shipping companies in Mumbai charge towards the various responsibilities they shoulder.

What does a shipping companies do in Andheri West?
Shipping falls into four different categories or modes, though intermodal shipments are common (intermodal means using multiple methods of transportation). Full-service shipping companies should be familiar with each of these methods. These include:

Road: Over-the-road transport is typical within national borders and may contain full or mixed loads.
Rail: Rail is typically a domestic shipping option, often in bulk quantities, and the shipping companies in andheri west can arrange for both the rail transport and local delivery to the destination.
Ocean Shipments: Usually international shipments, ocean freight is mostly in full containers. Transit may require a week to several weeks depending on the destination and customs clearance delays. Global shipping companies or freight forwarders arrange for door-to-door service including customs clearance, duties, and local delivery.
Air Shipments: For shipments demanding short transit time, airfreight from the arrival location to the destination would be part of the service arranged by the shipping company in andheri west.

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